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A tent under the Northern Lights.

What's going on around the world?

Bow Drill Tutorial

Dan spent the day filming his bow drill technique, demonstarting how he achieves fire by friction.

Reddit logo with Ask Me Anything written unerneath it.

AMA with Dan

Dan had the joy of answering all your questions over on Reddit's r/Survival sub.

Dan Hume on a stage next to a large projection screen showing his photos.

The Bushcraft Show

In May 2018, Dan had a stand at Birmingham's bushcraft show, where he also had a 45-minute talk.

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Interview with The Malestrom

For the release of The Art of Fire, Dan did an extensive interview with The Malestrom.

The book cover of The Art of Fire.

The Art of Fire Released

After several years in the making, Dan's first book The Art of Fire got its worldwide release in 8 languages.

Dan Hume holds his book in the BBC studio.

Chat with BBC Radio

Dan sits down for an informal half-hour chat about life, and his book.