Craft Courses

Daniel Hume swings an axe towards a log stump.

Wood Carving Master Class

A day out in the forest, working wood with a small axe and a knife, has to be one of the best ways to relax while letting your imagination wander and creative juices flow. Allow Daniel Hume to guide you through this highly satisfying craft where function and practicality blend with beauty, elegance and personal expression.

A beautiful wooden spoon carved by Dan, embellished with pyrography design.

Having met in the morning, you’ll be welcomed into the classroom in the woods, and after refreshments you’ll ease into the day. Daniel will begin by sharing his knowledge of the tools of the trade, how to maintain them and how to sharpen them.

He will teach you about different varieties of wood, their characters and their suitable applications in woodwork. Then the main demonstration will begin. Here Daniel will saw out a section of timber and gradually turn it into a functional item before your very eyes. He’ll work swiftly but his crystal clear explanations and regular pauses will allow you to follow suit and maximise the amount of time available for you to work on your project. Throughout his career Daniel has accumulated an impressive collection of carved objects which he’ll display on the day. You’ll certainly not be short for inspiration!

As your item becomes close to the finished dimensions and you can go no further with either axe or knife, Daniel will teach you how best to finish and embellish your project.

Close-up shot of Dan gripping an axe

No matter what your level of experience, Daniel will tailor the day to suit your ability and he and his approachable and experienced team will be on hand at all times to inject advice wherever needed. So, regardless of whether you’re an experienced woodworker or a complete beginner, Daniel will ensure you leave feeling fulfilled, challenged and eager to do more!

Refreshments and a hearty woodsman's lunch will be provided.

Please bring:

  • A small axe
  • A strong sheath knife

Daniel will expertly demonstrate each skill before you have the opportunity to try for yourself.

Always at hand and ready to advise and assist you with your learning throughout the day, Daniel’s passion for passing on his knowledge will ensure you leave feeling inspired, invigorated and brimming with new skills.


Dan's crafting tools layed out, including: an axe, a knife, a hook blade