Fire Courses

Daniel Hume blows an ember into a flame under the careful watch of two tribesmen.

Mankind's greatest discovery

If you ask outdoorsman Daniel Hume for the fastest, most practical way to start a fire, he'll tell you: Use a match or lighter. But he probably won't stop there. For him, conjuring a flame and managing fire is an art form, and seeking out the human race's relationship with this most wondrous of elements is a passion that has dominated his life for more than twenty years and has led him the world over. Now, he wants to give back and is sharing what he's learned with the world.


The ability to accurately and quickly light and manage a fire with what nature provides is one of the most important skills anyone setting off on a outdoor adventure could possess. It is also great fun and can be very useful at home, too!

Dan strikes sparks from flint and steel
Dan carves a featherstick using a small knife and a length of skinny wood
A fire plough in motion

During these courses, Daniel will share stories from his epic adventures and will teach some of the fascinating techniques he has witnessed first hand and mastered himself - from the San bushmen of southern Africa, the Mangyan of the Philippines, the highlanders of New Guinea, and many others.

A kettle sits atop a long thin tree stump, engulfed in flames
A tribesman blows into a bundle of tinder.
Dan sits by a campfire.

Fire Making with Daniel Hume

The Essentials

Join Daniel Hume for a fascinating, fun and jam packed day and allow him to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with you. He will arm you with the essential skills of fire lighting, including:

  • Uses of fire
  • Natural tinder and preparation
  • Three ways to lay a fire
  • How to use a ferrocerium rod
  • Making fire by friction using the cord and drill method

Daniel will expertly demonstrate each skill before you have the opportunity to try for yourself.

Always at hand and ready to advise and assist you with your learning throughout the day, Daniel’s passion for passing on his knowledge will ensure you leave feeling inspired, invigorated and brimming with new skills.


Dan strikes sparks onto a piece of Birch bark using a Ferrocerium rod.