Summon the Flames

Dan Hume sits by a small fire in a forrest. The ability to accurately and quickly light and manage a fire with what nature provides is one of the most important skills anyone setting off on a outdoor adventure could possess. It is also great fun and can be very useful at home, too!

Join Daniel Hume for a fascinating, fun and jam packed day and allow him to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with you. He will arm you with the essential skills of fire lighting, including:

Daniel will expertly demonstrate each skill before you have the opportunity to try for yourself. Always at hand and ready to advise and assistDan Hume presents a split log with a notch cut in one edge, used as a hearth for fire making. you with your learning throughout the day, Daniel’s passion for passing on his knowledge will ensure you leave feeling inspired, invigorated and brimming with new skills.

During these courses, Daniel will share stories from his epic adventures and will teach some of the fascinating techniques he has witnessed first hand and mastered himself.


Essential Fire Lighting with Daniel Hume


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