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The Monsoon Sleep System set up in the forest - a hammock is strung under a mostuito net and nestled under a tarp.
Welcome to the Monsoon Sleep System. The culmination of over one hundred years of collective experience journeying and sleeping in the great outdoors and fifty years of tailoring experience, seamlessly entwined with an unrelenting pursuit of the finest materials available on earth and a desire to provide nothing but the best for you. We designed the Monsoon Sleep System to withstand the harshest forest conditions on the planet, where the following attributes are crucial in any item of gear: extreme toughness, appropriate weight, ease of deployment and high adaptability. We know that fiddly attachments and complex setups are frustrating, unreliable and difficult to deal with at the best of times. And we know the paradox: the most challenging times to deploy equipment are the times when you need it most. This knowledge and experience guides every product we innovate and the Monsoon Sleep System’s elegant simplicity is testament to that.

What is it?

The Monsoon Sleep System comprises three components: a tarp, a hammock and a mosquito net that work hand in hand to provide you not only with probably the best night’s sleep possible outdoors but also a haven from the harsh elements encountered in the wilds - a place where you can stretch out, recharge, and plan for the trail ahead. And of course, unlike other outdoor sleeping options, the view of your surroundings is unrestricted, providing you with that wonderful feeling of being close to nature while remaining warm, dry and cosy.

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A luxury hotel room including a large bed and sofa with doors out onto the plains Lightning fast smart set-up means you’re home from home. Anytime. In no time. Although the three components are most often used together, the Monsoon’s design provides you with a powerful repertoire of setup options and enables you to use each component independently from the others if desired. If your circumstance demands only a roof over your head, simply take the tarp. If you want a place to relax in camp and have no need for the tarp or mosquito net, simply pack the hammock. If you already have a hammock but want to fit it out with insect protection, check out the specifications of our spacious net and you’ll find it’ll more than likely fit nicely to your own equipment. The same goes if you prefer sleeping on the ground under a tarp - the net strings up easily and tucks under your bed roll when required. In this way there’s no need to be restricted to a tent during insect season.
Check out the gallery below for some example set-ups
A stands steady in the foliage. We’ve scoured the globe to identify the very best materials for our Sleep System. Every single component was laboured over and is the best available. The lines for example are spun by the UK’s top rope maker, Marlow. We tested countless lines and concluded the best for our system was their Excel Yacht Racing line made from the strongest known fibre on earth - dyneema.
The main fabrics are meticulously woven in the United States. The carabiners, the very thread we use to sew, the company badges - everything is of the highest quality.
A San Bushman sits on a 4x4 seat overlooking the plains and another truck Once we have gathered all the materials, the tarp, hammock and net are sewn by hand in Suffolk, England by Linda, our seamstress of over fifty years experience. The finished components are then assembled with their appropriate details such as lines and carabiners before going through a thorough quality check to ensure everything is perfect and ready for the wilderness.

Set Up Ideas

The Monsoon Sleep System is extremely versatile - here are just a handful of the many possible arrangements.

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