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Dan Hume blowing on a bundle of tinder Along with teaching the skills, we’ll tell of first hand experiences from our encounters with these techniques in their native settings and you’ll have the rare opportunity to handle original fire making implements, collected by us from indigenous people around the world.

Learning these techniques is great fun and one of the best lessons in both perseverance and teamwork. Dan Hume blowing on a bundle of tinder And as always, once mastered, these skills boost your confidence in the outdoors immeasurably and will be especially useful if you later venture into the tropical world. You’ll look at the landscape through different eyes. This one-day course begins at 10:00 and finishes at approximately 16:00.

All refreshments are provided by us, including a freshly cooked lunch. You only need to bring suitable outdoor clothing, a strong, sharp fixed bladed knife, a mug, bowl and eating spoon.


Tropical Fire Lighting with Daniel Hume


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