A group of native tribesmen wearing traditional red garments walk across the scene.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea; just three words that conjure up a myriad of thoughts - wild adventure, spectacular wilderness and peculiar wildlife to name a few.

A male lion among dry desert shrubs.


It's a distinctive feeling to step foot on African soil, described by some of the great explorers as a sense of coming home - and it's true, visiting this land gives a tremendous sense of returning to one's distant roots.

Daniel Hume crouches on one knee, holding a bow in one hand and a wooden drill in the other, using them in tandem to create smoke.

Essential Fire Lighting

Arm yourself with the essential skills of fire lighting as you take on a challenging, fun and jam-packed day in the woods.

A native tribesman holds a chunk of wood between his feet, and grasps a length of twine in his hands. Rubbing them together, he creates smoke.

Tropical Fire Lighting

Experience the fire making skills employed throughout the tropics; from the fire plough of Polynesia to the fire saws and thongs of Southeast Asia.

A knife, axe and spoon gouge tools lay upon a wooden tree stump.


Function and practicality blend with elegance and personal expression during this satisfying, full day of craftwork.

Daniel Hume blows into a bundle of tinder, creating orange glowing embers and  light smoke.


With a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience we are available to organise bespoke services that suit all requirements and budgets. We are based in Great Britain but are available to travel anywhere in the world in order to provide the perfect experience for you. Get in touch now to discuss your ideas.

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Reviews from previous courses

It was a day jam packed full of learning. I really appreciated your clear and patient explanation of the techniques, your willingness to accomodate the aims of the group and answer our questions.”

Matt A
Essential Fire Lighting Course, May 2019

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